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Tackling those tough Internet of Things security issues

The Internet of Things is coming soon to a network near you -- if it hasn't already. And the plethora of Internet of Things security issues that could potentially ensue -- without the proper preparation -- can be costly, and not to mention downright detrimental to your network.

"IoT introduces some new kinds of problems," says Dan Sullivan in this video. Sullivan is a software engineer, systems architect and consultant with more than 20 years of IT experience; he has published multiple pieces on cybersecurity. On IoT security issues, in particular, he notes that through the use of so many interconnected devices in the enterprise, "we greatly increase the potential attack surface on networks."

In order to mitigate risks and enjoy the benefits the IoT has to offer, Internet of Things security issues must be taken seriously. In this presentation, Sullivan outlines the top five elements of IoT security, including IoT authentication and anomaly detection. In addition, Sullivan offers a number of questions that security professionals and other enterprise personnel concerned with IoT security must ask themselves for each element. These questions include "What information should be shared with an IoT device?" and "What software should be trusted?"

Sullivan continues his discussion of Internet of Things security issues by reviewing the five phases of the IoT security lifecycle, from deployment and commissioning to decommissioning.

"Because we have so many different devices," Sullivan says, "how we manage them might be a little bit different than how we manage other devices that are generally deployed in smaller numbers." It’s crucial, therefore, to consider now the IoT security issues that will inevitably arise, before it's too late.

Watch this in-depth video to learn all about the Internet of Things security issues that should most concern you, and how you can best prepare to counter them.

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