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IoT technology starting to impact product development

While the first Internet appliance dates back to the 1980s, development of such devises is still picking up steam. The Object Management Group's CEO Richard Soley says that now it's clear the Internet of Things (IoT) technology is making its way into systems.

"What you are seeing is the convergence of industrial systems, Internet solutions, big data and the ability to build systems that use an enormous amount of compute power potentially distributed all over the planet," Soley said.

For example, Coca-Cola Co. uses sensors in every part of its distribution, according to Soley. This entails everything from tracking down where a bottle needs to be delivered to orders of a specific syrup flavor. "They are sensing potentially hundreds of thousands of sites all over the world based on communication systems," he said.

Roger Ordman, director of product marketing at Red Bend Software, says the IoT technology is altering how products are being made. "Nowadays when devices are being built, it's the device itself with the software [that] enables it to work and the software [that] enables services around it to do more," he said. 

It's possible to have a picture frame showing a handful of pictures, Ordman noted. That frame can be connected to the cloud and constantly be updated with uploaded pictures from sources like Facebook. "When you look at the way devices are being manufactured today, it's all very much software and services driven," he said.

One of the first areas to feel the impacts of IoT technology may be consumer-like devices, some experts say. On the enterprise side, it may take longer, especially depending on the vertical market.

"I think we will see the first impact in supply chains," said Soley. "There is an enormous amount of supply chain optimization that you can do if you know more about where the parts are coming from, how they are being integrated, how they are being delivered and what the distribution looks like."

While it remains unclear as to exactly when the IoT technology will really explode onto the scene, one thing is for sure, developers need to get ready because it isn't going away.

Maxine Giza is the site editor for SearchSOA and can be reached at [email protected].

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