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IoT connectivity a B2B effort in pool pump application

IoT connectivity applications are still rare, but a demonstration on the exhibit floor of Oracle OpenWorld showed how they can work -- and why B2B collaboration among numerous players may be essential in getting the Internet of Things off the ground.

Four companies partnered to build the IoT connectivity that allows a swimming pool pump to be remotely monitored, controlled and analyzed in Oracle cloud software. In this video recorded at the annual Oracle user conference in San Francisco, representatives from each vendor described their role in the application's end-to-end IoT connectivity.

Michael Ottoman, executive vice president and COO of mFrontiers in Libertyville, Ill., described how the IoT connectivity software and firmware in his company's mFinity platform handles data from sensors attached to the pump's digital motor, which is made by Regal Beloit in Beloit, Wisc.

"They then take our IoT agent and embed it into the device, [which] then enables us to capture the data coming off the device in the mFinity IoT cloud architecture," Ottoman said.  

"We have the ability to do basic analytics with our own platform that's customizable, but we also can integrate and connect directly into Oracle's BI [business intelligence] cloud services and even go all the way to big data discovery," he said.

Ottoman said the analytics can relate warranty information with metrics, such as the GPS location of the pump, how long the pump has been in service and the length of time between servicing. "They can also take data off the device and determine if there's going to be problems with it," he said.

Joe Wascow, COO and co-founder of Optimal Design in Arlington Heights, Ill., explained how his company developed the gateway required for IoT connectivity. "Our engineers worked very closely with [mFrontier's] engineers to, from a software standpoint, integrate their mFinity connect agent onto the [hardware] and also to make sure that there was a secure handshake between the product and the cloud. The gateway is capturing data -- such as power consumption, status of the motor -- and then taking that data and, when necessary, transmitting it up to the mFinity cloud."

Wascow also demonstrated an Optimal Design tablet app for controlling the pump wirelessly. Later in the video, an Oracle spokesman showed an analytics dashboard.

For more details, check out the article by SearchOracle Associate Site Editor Jessica Sirkin, "Pool pump motor shows off end-to-end implementation with IoT platform."

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