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IoT challenges center on data volume, business objectives

Once the Internet became part of e-commerce, the question became how to bring business value to the Web. Now, companies have similar questions about the Internet of Things (IoT), where companies are trying to extract data from billions of Web-connected devices and sensors, with the goals of boosting business efficiencies and knowing more about their customers.

But organizations' main task before investing in IoT is determining what they want to achieve with the new technology, said Andy Rhodes, Dell's executive director of IoT solutions. Rhodes said that IoT has become such a buzzword, and companies need to focus on what kinds of services it can enable before they consider a purchase and tackle IoT challenges.

"The word IoT gets in the way and you've got to get into those actual, specific, industry-vertical use cases," Rhodes said. "What are they connecting? Why? What data has been created and what are you going to do with that data?"

Brent Leary, co-founder and partner at CRM Essentials LLC, a CRM consultancy, spoke with Rhodes at this year's Dell World event about companies' IoT challenges, such as dealing with the wealth of data coming from connected devices and what kinds of measures companies have to put in place to make sense of it all. Rhodes warned that a crucial IoT challenge is harnessing the immense amount of data and building the right infrastructure to prepare for the onslaught.

"[IoT] is going to create exabytes of new data," Rhodes said. "If all of that gets back home to the cloud or the data center, we don't have the network bandwidth to [process] that as a society."

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