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IoT Salesforce projects gaining steam with myIoT

Salesforce hopes the time has finally come for more customers to connect the internet of things to its cloud platform with a simplified platform called myIoT.

MyIoT attempts to simplify the marriage of IoT and customer engagements, whether it's in the sales, service or marketing phases of the buying cycle. Using a low-code interface making it simpler to delve into customer data and more quickly engage with customers through the Salesforce platform, the company hopes to motivate its users to try new connected devices with the ultimate goal of spurring sales.

While the Salesforce IoT Cloud debuted in 2015, customers have been slow to embrace IoT Salesforce implementations, as many projects die in the proof of concept stage. It's not a simple technology to imagine integrating into CRM workflows, although adding machine learning in 2016 created more automation possibilities for such projects.

In this video interview, Woodson Martin, executive vice president and general manager of Salesforce IoT, discusses how this year's Dreamforce debut of myIoT could spur new IoT Salesforce projects at companies large and small. He discusses which customers are demonstrating IoT right now -- including Schneider Electric, as well as a recreational vehicle company -- and what they're doing with sensors to help improve their customer service.

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