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IoT: M2M communications to create more opportunities for developers

The boom market for machine-to-machine (M2M) -- aka, the Internet of Things (IoT) -- communications applications is here to stay. That means new career opportunities for developers who have vertical market, software integration and business collaboration know-how.

By 2020, 26 billion M2M units will be installed, Gartner Inc. reports. In this video interview, Object Management Group CEO Richard Soley discusses key market segments that stand to gain the most by embracing M2M communications. Organizations that have already begun to take advantage of M2M communications are using data to improve business. He advises developers and architects to use and improve analytics to determine and build the right products to satisfy customer needs.

In the next year, most of that activity will take place in retail, manufacturing and transportation businesses. Going forward, vertical markets will be the stronghold for M2M communications, Soley said. Developers who can translate into technologies vertical organizations' goals for using M2M communications will succeed. Also, M2M application development should be on enterprise architects' agenda, as more employees use their own mobile devices for business purposes.

Watch the above video for more on M2M communications and market segments developers need to be prepared for.

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