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Industrial Internet Consortium aims to unlock business value behind IoT

Some experts have said that a lack of standards has slowed the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). We'll soon find out if that is the case. Earlier this year, the Industrial Internet Consortium was founded, and General Electric, AT&T, IBM, Intel and Cisco came together to make way for the integration between the digital and the physical worlds.

"We need to learn how this Internet of Things technology applies to industrial systems," said Richard Soley, executive director of the IIC. "To me, it's like the collision between the industrial revolution and the Internet revolution."

There are already a number of industries that have been impacted by the industrial Internet, such as manufacturing, automotive systems, financial services systems and medical device interoperability.

Solely said the organization is exactly what many people have been waiting for. In fact, the Industrial Internet Consortium already had more than 70 members at the end of August.  "We are now the youngest, largest and the fastest growing Internet of Things organization because we are focused on that specific problem -- that is, test beds for industrial systems," he said. "Clearly, we've found an interesting seed. Something people want to deal with."

The Industrial Internet Consortium will work with organizations, like the Object Management Group, for guidance. One of the main goals is to define common architectures to connect smart devices, machines, data and people.

"Sometimes it's on low-level things like DDS, sometimes it's high-level like semantic descriptions of financial instruments, like semantic descriptions of medical devices, like capturing semantic information form jet engines so you can make maintenance decisions and bring down the total cost of maintenance," said Soley.

The Industrial Internet consortium is a nonprofit, open membership group consisting of organizations with a desire to participate in the speeding up of the adoption of IoT technology. The aforementioned members will permanently be on the IIC Steering Committee along with four elected members.

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