Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management

The IoT data management topic section offers comprehensive resources for those deploying complex, high-velocity data back ends for Internet of Things products and shops. Learn best practices for data acquisition, management and the day-to-day operations of data centers for the Internet of Things.

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  • Understand how the edge and IoT intertwine

    With the right edge IoT architecture and an understanding of the challenges that a glut of IoT data creates, organizations can reap benefits from real-time insights. Continue Reading

  • edge analytics

    Edge analytics is an approach to data collection and analysis in which an automated analytical computation is performed on data at a sensor, network switch or other device instead of waiting for the data to be sent back to a centralized data store. Continue Reading

  • fog computing (fog networking, fogging)

    Fog computing is a decentralized computing infrastructure in which data, compute, storage and applications are located somewhere between the data source and the cloud. Continue Reading

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