How will Internet of Things devices change businesses?

The Internet of Things is poised to change the business world by connecting everything from cars to houses. Do you know enough about IoT?

Smartphones and tablets added a slew of new endpoints to the business world. Internet of Things devices take it to a whole new level, allowing almost anything to be connected to the Internet.

Internet of Things (IoT) devices can turn objects -- and even people or animals -- into wireless data transmitters. Internet of Things devices, which each have their own unique IP address, remotely transfer data between the physical devices and virtual back end by relying on sensor technology. These include everything from wearable exercise devices such as Fitbit and home thermostats such as Nest to manufacturing warehouse devices and environmental resource monitoring sensors.

With a growing number of applications in the enterprise, IoT is on the precipice of revolutionizing how we work. It's time to test your knowledge on how fast IoT is growing, what the business concerns are and more.

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