Prospects good for Apple Watch, IoT in healthcare

IoT in healthcare technologies from Stanley Healthcare and others are impressive, while Apple Watch's prospects are rosy, according to the HIT Squad.

Stanley Healthcare Solutions, a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., showcases a range of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for healthcare at its "Experience Center" at the company's Waltham, Mass., headquarters.

Stanley is part of a wave of applications of IoT in healthcare that are starting to take off, though it remains to be seen when these offerings will be affordable on a broad scale to healthcare systems large and small.

SearchHealthIT news writer Kristen Lee recently recorded video footage and interviewed Stanley engineers about some of the company's products. In this HIT Squad podcast with SearchHealthIT news and features writer Shaun Sutner, Lee talks about Stanley systems that track infants in hospitals, monitor how often doctors and nurses disinfect their hands and record medication levels in storage.

Sutner talks about his interviews with MIT IoT researcher Stephen Miles and
Frank Palermo, an IT consultant for Virtusa Corporation who has been thinking a lot about IoT in healthcare and Apple Watch's potential applications in the healthcare arena.

Miles sees radio frequency identification and near field communication-based technologies, such as those employed by Stanley Healthcare, as well-suited to medication tracking, with the potential to save providers a lot of money through more efficient work processes.

As for Apple Watch, Palermo says he thinks it has the potential to take off in healthcare if only because of the robustness of the Apple Inc. ecosystem and welter of apps already designed -- and those envisioned -- for the watch.

Palermo also told Sutner that the best use for IoT in healthcare is improving the patient experience with such approaches as "e-care" performed by automated kiosks.

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