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IoT security standards improved by two consortia

While there are no industry-wide IoT security standards yet, there are two major consortia doing their best to resolve the problem: the Open Interconnect Consortium and Thread Group.

The need for Internet of Things standards -- especially IoT security standards -- is increasing. And as the Internet of Things grows -- and more and more connected devices are deployed and used in the enterprise -- the need to secure these items is reaching a critical point. Fortunately, a number of  standards bodies are emerging to help accomplish this seemingly difficult feat.

In this podcast, author, systems architect and consultant Dan Sullivan discusses how IoT is advancing quickly in part due to the developing standards and best practices being proposed by various industry groups. He explains how two standards consortiums in the IoT security standards space are making critical advancements for developers and end users alike.

IoT security standards: Progress being made

Listen in now to hear Sullivan outline the advancements made recently with IoT security standards. He also reviews the many security initiatives that the Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) and the Thread Group are employing to help ensure the safe deployment and use of IoT devices.

Sullivan focuses first on the OIC, talking about how the group, which is primarily geared toward developers and vendors, is working to help define a standard architecture and security controls for IoT. In addition, Sullivan discusses the four key security areas that the OIC targets; these include ownership transfer and bootstrapping and message integrity.

Sullivan follows up his Open Interconnect Consortium review with an examination of the work done by the Thread Group, which is geared towards end users, developers and retailers. He explores what users need to take into account to commission and deploy secure, authorized Internet of Things devices in the home, such as authentication and credential management.

Listen to Dan Sullivan's podcast about the Open Internet Consortium and the Thread Group now to learn more about IoT security standards in general, as well as recent IoT security initiatives in particular.

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