From evolution to revolution with the Internet of Things

Are GE and AWS rebranding old technologies under the "Internet of Things" moniker, or can they actually advance business? That, and more on the NSA.

Calling an old idea by a jazzier name doesn't make it new and different. GE, the Pivotal Initiative and Amazon Web Services recently announced their collaboration on the "Internet of Things," but David Linthicum wonders if this isn't just rebranding something IT has been talking about since the '90s.

The idea is that all of our devices will be able to communicate with each other to assist users in businesses in doing their jobs, with particular influence on hospitals and factories. But General Electric hijacking the conversation on the Internet of Things shouldn't hide the fact that this isn't a new idea, argues David, along with his guest, Adrian Bowles, founder and CEO at STORM Insights Inc.

David and Adrian also delve into the "scary stuff" in this podcast, the new information on the NSA scandal and the evolution of the database industry. The topics they cover include:

  1. GE, Pivotal, AWS collaborate on the Internet of Things. But does that legitimately change the conversation of this old idea moving forward? Do these large companies have a valid claim that this news is a revolution of IT and not just a natural evolution? What does the involvement of GE and AWS mean for creating standards in this area?
  2. More information on the NSA scandal recently leaked, showing that the government is monitoring live conversations. While David's reaction is, "Duh," how will this affect the cloud market? How should enterprises react to this?
  3. Open source technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL come after the database industry. David argues that this isn't "your father's database." What does this mean for the future of the industry?
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