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Top Internet of Things privacy and security concerns


The IoT security and privacy debate

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly prevalent in everyday life through wearable devices, appliances, cars, insulin pumps and a range of other objects, and is changing the way companies do business.

With IoT's amplified presence and companies' growing interest, however, comes increased concern over the security and privacy implications of having so many connected devices. The issue has been hotly debated among IT professionals, and in a SearchCIO #CIOChat earlier this year a mix of CIOs, IT professionals and analysts shared their own thoughts on IoT security and privacy. Click through this slideshow to see what select SearchCIO followers had to say about IoT's privacy implications, security challenges and best practices, and its future within the enterprise.

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What are some IoT security and privacy challenges that you foresee?
I think the explosion of devices that can and will be connected to our network is going to pose a large security risk. Consider the security risks associated with shadow IT, and how difficult it can be to manage that. Now, consider that IoT devices will be connecting to the network, creating a shadow IoT presence that creates a many weak links in the security chain. Security will have a hard time addressing that.
One of the challenges is maintaining the security. All these devices need to be set up, configured, updated, patched regularly. Sometimes automatic processes go well, sometimes they fail spectacularly. Upon software updates devices change their behavior or lose compatibility with other.
I read about engineering history - people weren't that concerned about bridges in the industrialization era until some major crashes happened. Only then safety and security measures became a must. I guess, we're at risk of repeating the history with IOT, and we're also at risk of losing hundreds of human lives if those concerns are not addressed.