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Healthcare IOT standards will be key for scalability

In SearchHealthIT's #chatHIT, experts agreed that the key to making IoT scalable and affordable in healthcare is standardization.

Lack of standardization isn't a new barrier in the world of health IT. The absence of standards slowed the adoption of health information exchanges (HIE) early on, and it is currently an obstacle when it comes to big data analytics in healthcare.

Similarly, lack of standardization and common platforms are barriers to healthcare IoT. Experts agree standardization will need to be achieved to make healthcare IoT scalable and affordable.

After standardization, another important step to scaling healthcare IoT is deriving meaning and producing positive outcomes from the flood of data that will inevitably come with IoT.

Rasu Shrestha, M.D., chief innovation officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and host for SearchHealthIT's #chatHIT tweetchat, previously pointed out to SearchHealthIT that there are obstacles galore when it comes to IoT in healthcare, including data management, privacy and security issues, and the lack of interoperability.

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