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Internet of Things and BI meet at Collaborate conference

Shyam Nath will present on the Internet of Things, business intelligence and the analytics cloud at this year's Collaborate 15 conference.

Shyam Nath, a principal architect at GE Global Research, is interested in the place where the Internet of Things (IoT) and business intelligence meet.  Extending Oracle business intelligence applications for the IoT involves integrating the data from machines and sensors with enterprise BI. "Companies are realizing the value of harnessing -- you can call it the Internet of Things or you can call it machine data," Nath said. As businesses interact with more and more sensors, "connecting them to a cloud environment becomes a natural choice and then you can apply analytics," he added.

During his Collaborate conference session, "Extending Oracle BI Applications for Internet of Things," Nath plans to present business cases from companies that have applied analytics to IoT. One example, he said, is "Oracle developing a proof-of-concept [system] to extend Oracle business intelligence applications with machine data to predict equipment failure."

Nath has presented at the Collaborate conference since it was founded in 2006. This year, in addition to speaking at sessions for the Oracle Applications User Group and the Independent Oracle Users Group, he will also lead two special interest groups (SIGs) for the IOUG. He is in his third year on the IOUG board of directors as the director and founder of the business intelligence, warehousing and analytics, or BIWA, SIG and the director of the IoT SIG.

In addition to his IoT session, Nath will present "Agile Product Development," which is part of the professional development track -- meaning it focuses more on giving attendees information and techniques they can use in their careers. The session will examine the Silicon Valley start-up trend to release the minimum viable product and then develop further after the release. According to Nath, this approach allows companies to "adapt to market cycles, uncertainties, customer tastes."

He will also lead a session on cloud analytics and the new offerings coming out of that space from the major players.

Aside from his sessions and SIG duties, Nath looks forward to networking, learning more about current industry trends and "last, but not least, Vegas."

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