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Does Internet neutrality shake up IoT plans?

IoT inevitably means more data to be monitored, controlled and enhanced, but Net neutrality governance poses new challenges.

The Internet of Things means there will be a lot more devices with IP addresses, generating more data to be monitored, managed and optimized.

This is a potential game changer on IT's horizon, notes Dave Wagner, director of market development at TeamQuest, a company focused on helping organizations meet IT service levels.

Meanwhile, a long-simmering debate about Internet neutrality, also called Net neutrality or network neutrality, could fundamentally change how the Internet behaves. The Internet neutrality cause is often wrapped up with concerns about privacy and government control -- as well as the ability of private organizations to influence or even block certain services or activities.

From an Internet of Things standpoint, Internet neutrality matters because without neutral transmission, operators could delay packets of information, either due to high traffic at the given time or transmission point, or because of decisions that allow some data sources to receive preferential treatment on the network.

In other words, depending on regulatory decisions in the U.S. and other countries, assumptions about Internet quality of service may have to change.

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