Prevent enterprise IoT security challenges with preparation

Last updated:January 2016

Editor's note

The Internet of Things is imminent -- and so are the IoT security challenges it will inevitably bring. This guide to IoT security gathers together essential reading to get infosec pros up to speed on the emerging information security threats and the best means for thwarting them.

Among the issues this guide covers are IoT security basics and ways to devise an IoT security strategy. It also reviews the particular security challenges that the IoT era brings with it, reviewing such topics as how to maintain the privacy of personal information, like health data, and how the latest wearable IT devices may affect security.

Read this guide and you will get quickly up to speed on the challenges of, and the solutions to, Internet of Things security challenges.

1Embedded system risks

IoT devices and embedded systems are at the core of IoT's popularity, but unfortunately security isn't. Learn about the risks of IoT and how to keep these IoT security challenges from undermining your enterprise.

2Security strategy

The key to IoT security is preparation. In this section, explore who's responsible for securing IoT and get help devising an IoT plan that will keep your company safe and sound.

3Maintaining privacy

When it comes to IoT, maintaining privacy is a major concern. Learn how your company -- and its employees -- can enjoy the benefits of IoT without putting privacy on the line.