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IIoT use cases put spotlight on IoT benefits, challenges

IoT has had a deep impact on industry. But IIoT is unique compared to the consumer world. So, we compiled these IIoT use cases and expert insights to help explain the benefits and hurdles ahead for IIoT.


Industry is the mother of IoT, it's been said. Industrial IoT (IIoT) launched years ago, when industrial controls needed to be linked together to allow for coordinated use. These controls morphed, embracing a sophisticated world, where consumer and enterprise smart products simultaneously drove interface innovations and benefits for managing vertical IIoT applications.

This guide examines developments in the industrial internet of things, including IIoT use cases, and explores how deploying connected technology in manufacturing and industrial environments offers a plethora of IoT benefits for manufacturing and other industries, such as preventative maintenance, improved sustainability and supply chain efficiency.

1The road to IIoT-

Gain important insights with these IIoT use cases

Are you clear on the specific differences between IoT and industrial IoT? The industrial internet of things is in some ways distinct from IoT in general. Studying IIoT use cases can help clarify the differences. This section outlines how IIoT is reshaping the world's industrial landscape. Before your company joins in to reap IIoT benefits, it will need a plan -- a solid roadmap. The material in this section will help set you on the path to designing one.


What you need to know about the differences between IoT and IIoT

The industrial internet of things, like IoT, involves the management of smart devices that can connect to one another. But there are unique aspects of IIoT that are essential to understand. Continue Reading

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How digital transformation is altering industry worldwide

IIoT use cases are everywhere now -- in cities, factories, oil rigs and more. Learn how the internet of things is reshaping the industrial landscape. Continue Reading

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How IoT benefits, transforms manufacturing production

The old production models are going out the window now that IoT has become industrialized. Discover five ways IIoT is changing how products are manufactured. Continue Reading


As IIoT use cases grow, the benefits are becoming clear

Smart, interconnected technologies are transforming industry and business systems in many ways. Get expert insights on the digital transformation underway. Continue Reading


Are you ready to reap IoT benefits?

The next industrial revolution is smart and interconnected. Learn how to create a roadmap and put your company on the path to reaping IIoT's many benefits. Continue Reading

2IIoT transformation-

Industrial IoT

The industrial internet of things is changing industries of all sorts and promises to add immense value to the world economy in the next few years. This segment of the guide explores some key developments related to IIoT use cases, including data analytics and enterprise asset management.

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Learn how IoT benefits utilities through data analytics

The advances of IIoT in the utilities sector allow for tangible benefits, including faster communication with customers or responding to spikes in demand. Continue Reading

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IIoT analytics is reshaping how utilities operate

Utilities generate massive volumes of data. But discover what happens when that data is mined effectively. Continue Reading


With smart factories, IoT is transforming manufacturing

Smart factories in manufacturing, aerospace and automotive industries are providing fascinating IIoT use cases. Experts forecast IIoT will add over $1 trillion in value to the world economy in the near future. Continue Reading


Digital twin technology is critical to manufacturing's future

Digital twin technology is an essential element in the latest iteration of the industrial revolution. Learn how it works and how it relates to IIoT as the world of manufacturing is remade. Continue Reading


Better enterprise asset management is a key IoT benefit

Applying IIoT to the management of enterprise assets can yield some rich insights, but the process needs to be managed correctly. Continue Reading

3IIoT software-

To benefit from IIoT, you need the proper puzzle pieces

Industrial IoT benefits can be significant, but the right tools are necessary to achieve them. In this segment, we explore the impact of IIoT on software, including industrial mobile applications, machine learning, virtual reality, voice recognition software and others.

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IIoT benefits fuel third-wave mobile applications

Industrial apps are different, but software developers can still use the consumer apps business model, says an IoT expert. Continue Reading

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Machine learning is defying the odds to aid asset management

Machine learning is coming in handy in efforts to aid industrial asset management. Learn why it's defying the odds. Continue Reading

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Mixed reality experiments are reaching full program stage

Companies are feeling intense innovation pressure and that can lead to "innovation cannibalism," some experts say. Learn how by studying some virtual reality and extended reality IIoT use cases. Continue Reading

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The hype and the reality of blockchain in industry

What do IIoT use cases reveal about the hype, reality, obstacles and outlook for the phenomena known as blockchain? Continue Reading


It's time for manufacturing to consider voice technology

Inevitably, speech recognition technology will reach the floor of industrial plants. Here's what you must do now to be prepared. Continue Reading

4Challenges in industrial IoT-

Reaping IIoT benefits means overcoming some challenges

While IIoT benefits haven't been fully secured, they're on the horizon, experts say. Explore in this section the promises that IIoT use cases make and the significant challenges -- like security -- that must be met.


IIoT technologies not yet yielding highest returns

IIoT adoption is rolling along, but "advances" thus far aren't proving to be very advanced. Here's what could be ahead when IoT benefits are reaped in full. Continue Reading

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Great expectations: IIoT use cases show promise

Expectations need to be realistic in formulating proofs of concept for IIoT projects. Here are ways to make sure your plan is realistic. Continue Reading

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What we can all do to tighten IoT security

There are a variety of concrete steps everyone -- consumers, manufacturers and service providers -- can take to dramatically improve the security of IoT. Continue Reading


Clear guidance issued to up IIoT security in plants

The Industrial Internet Consortium issues new guides to address the IoT security issues that industry now faces. Continue Reading


Digitizing industry has big implications for ERP

Digital transformation is shaking up manufacturing. These increasingly digital enterprises are making poorly integrated ERP systems a thing of the past. Continue Reading

5IIoT terms you should know-

Learn the key definitions the behind IIoT technology

It's inevitable: New technological fields bring with them new lexicons. Here are the key terms you need to add to your vocabulary in order to understand IIoT.

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