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A comprehensive guide to enterprise IoT project success

The internet of things has arrived and the enterprise will never be the same. In this Essential Guide for CIOs, CTOs and other senior IT leaders, learn how IoT is impacting IT disciplines and get expert advice on how to strategize your enterprise IoT project.


By 2020, there will be 25 billion connected "things" across the globe and over half of major new business processes and systems will incorporate some element of the internet of things (IoT), according to Gartner. IT professionals are already beginning to see first-hand the ways in which the internet of things is changing the game, but, in the coming years, we can expect IoT to have an even stronger foothold across multiple IT disciplines. Is your organization prepared for the onslaught of IoT in the enterprise and all the opportunities and challenges that come with it?

In this Essential Guide, we'll explore the increasing role of enterprise IoT, including its impact on everything from security, networking, application development, storage and data analytics. The guide also delves into strategic best practices to help your IT department kick-start an enterprise IoT project and stay relevant in an increasingly connected business environment.

1IoT strategy overview-

Getting your IoT initiative off the ground

When it comes to developing an enterprise IoT strategy, there's a lot to consider before moving forward. The first step is understanding the technology and its potential benefits and challenges. From there, CIOs, IT executives and business partners can begin crafting the right IoT initiative for their organization. Use the strategic best practices in this section to help you navigate through the IoT weeds and lay the foundation for your organization's IoT future.


Everything you need to know about starting an enterprise IoT project

At this point, developing strategies around IoT is a CIO imperative. From the business problem to the technology, here's what CIOs and IT executives need to know to get started on an enterprise IoT initiative. Continue Reading


Making IoT tech business-ready

The IoT took center stage at CES 2017. Gartner analyst Mark Hung said the world is fast becoming more connected and smarter as different industries take advantage of IoT technology. Continue Reading


Cisco IoT strategy: Know your operational technology customers

Cisco executives have one key piece of advice for their partners who want to take advantage of the burgeoning IoT market: Target line-of-business and operational technology customers and get to know their unique challenges. Continue Reading


Enterprise IoT: Project preparation advice for architects

Enterprise IoT offers seemingly endless business possibilities. Here's how architects can prepare their companies for the proliferation of connected devices. Continue Reading


How to develop an effective cloud strategy around IoT

Figuring out how to use the cloud to connect to IoT devices with back-end applications is important for companies looking toward the future. Continue Reading


How IoT is changing enterprise service management

IoT is set to shake up enterprise service management by shifting from reactive processes to a more proactive model. Find out the major infrastructure and process changes your company may have to make. Continue Reading


IoT devices, data use rising faster than common standard

The data data produced by billions of IoT devices will put increased pressure on the data center, and a set of common standards has yet to be developed. What does that mean for your company? Continue Reading

2IoT security-

Tackling IoT security

With IoT's growing presence also comes increased security concerns. By 2020, more than 25% of identified attacks in enterprises will involve IoT, according to Gartner. Thinking about the security challenges that the IoT era brings may keep many IT professionals up at night, but with the right foundation and strategy, your organization can pacify any IoT security qualms. In this section, get up to speed on emerging enterprise IoT security threats and ways to address them.


The more connected devices, the more IoT security vulnerabilities

The number of connected devices continues to grow exponentially worldwide, raising major enterprise IoT security concerns for companies and their customers. Continue Reading


Madnick: Security often an afterthought in IoT devices

Stuart Madnick, the John Norris Maguire Professor of Information Technologies at the MIT Sloan School, discusses the factors that make internet- connected devices vulnerable to attacks, how such devices are muddling the threat landscape and why the human element remains a big threat to IoT cybersecurity. Continue Reading


For CIOs, IoT data security and privacy a top priority

In a world increasingly driven by technology, O.C. Tanner CTO Niel Nickolaisen explains why IoT data security and privacy should be top priority for CIOs and educators. Continue Reading


IoT security fears inspire boost in IoT services

A recent survey found that more than 20% of businesses will adopt IoT services to secure internet-connected devices and networks by the end of 2017. One vendor is ramping up its security services profile in preparation for the IoT onslaught. Continue Reading


Top healthcare IoT security risks and how to address them

The healthcare field is used to risks, but are they prepared for the security risks that come with IoT adoption? IT experts discuss exactly what the dangers are and what to do about them. Continue Reading


As IoT evolves, security concerns remain

Gary McGraw, CTO at Cigital Inc., said the early indications are that security is being forgotten as IoT ramps up. Here he discusses IoT security concerns and how the technology is evolving. Continue Reading

Photo Story

IT pros talk top IoT privacy and security concerns

IoT promises to revolutionize the way companies operate, but it's also stirring up plenty of debate. In this photo story, SearchCIO followers lay out IoT security and privacy concerns and how to deal with them. Continue Reading


FBI CISO expresses concern over IoT data breaches

Arlette Hart, the CISO for the FBI, discussed internet of things security and explained why enterprises need to be prepared for the worst. Continue Reading


Assessing enterprise IoT security

Internet of things horror stories in the consumer market have plagued the technology. Are enterprise IoT project deployments even more at risk? Continue Reading

3Networking meets IoT-

Utilizing the power of networks

The IoT poses a number of network challenges, including increased wireless traffic and the insatiable need for greater network capacity, but networking can also solve a lot of challenges that come with the adoption of an enterprise IoT project strategy. In this section, learn how to use a variety of avenues to establish networks that boost your organization's IoT agenda and business value.


The future of LoRa technology

Does the cost-effective LoRa technology have what it takes to be the wireless standard IoT has been waiting for? Although LoRa could still catch on globally, Gartner analyst Mark Hung cautions LoRa might end up being a niche player. Continue Reading


Mesh networking makes it easier to interconnect IoT devices

Looking for a relatively simple and inexpensive way to interconnect your IoT devices? Mesh networking is emerging as an attractive option for enabling IoT device connectivity. Continue Reading


Edge networks solve key IoT data collection and transmission hurdles

IoT data poses unique challenges to established architectures. Edge networks may be key to structuring how IoT data is collected and transmitted, but also come with their own set of challenges. Continue Reading

4IoT data analytics-

Getting the most out of IoT data

We can't talk about enterprise IoT projects without talking about IoT data. With so much data being generated from connected devices, figuring out how to best collect it, manage it, analyze it and mine it for business value can prove a difficult task. By following the guidance in this section, your IT team will be one step closer to unlocking IoT data's full potential.


IoT data analytics: Opt for a hybrid approach

Panelists at the Predictive Applications and APIs event in Cambridge, Mass., explain why using a hybrid data analytics approach -- edge analytics for mission-critical data and cloud analytics for less critical data -- is best suited for analyzing IoT data. Continue Reading


Apache Spark a perfect fit for IoT data analytics

IoT data analytics could really benefit from the Spark distributed computing framework, according to conference goers. Continue Reading


Big data trend helps IoT data analytics gain traction

Although it currently has only a few real-world applications, IoT data analytics is gaining strength as it rides on the shoulders of the big data trend. Continue Reading


Implement IoT analytics from the start

To maintain a competitive edge and generate business value, enterprise architects need to implement IoT analytics processes from the beginning, not as an afterthought. Continue Reading


Top IoT data management questions facing enterprises

Internet-connected devices are designed to provide increased value to both businesses and their customers, but they are also raising some big IoT data management questions. Continue Reading

5IoT storage-

IoT storage decisions

We know that an enterprise IoT project generates a lot of data. That's why, along with figuring out how to analyze that data, discerning how and where to store IoT data is critical to every IT strategy. In this section, evaluate some of your IoT storage options.

Blog Post

Gear up for real-time data management challenges

For consumer-grade internet of things devices to deliver real value, real-time data management is required on a massive scale, according to VoltDB's David Rolfe. Is your organization ready to handle real-time data management challenges? Continue Reading


Assessing IoT data storage in the cloud

Organizations increasingly need to store data generated from the internet of things, which means deciding between cloud and on-premises IoT data storage is more important than ever. Continue Reading


HDS looks to tie IoT into its storage strategy

Hitachi Data Systems is trying to redefine itself as a vendor that makes society better by focusing its storage strategy on IoT and analytics. Continue Reading

6IoT application development-

Make way for IoT apps

How does IoT factor into application development? The better question is: How doesn't it? From choosing the right database or platform for IoT apps to creating new opportunities for mobile-based innovation, IoT is changing the way developers do their jobs. In this section, learn about the emergence of IoT apps in areas like food safety and get tips for building IoT into your organization's app development strategy.


How to speed up development of IoT applications for the cloud

An IT expert explains how to build a basic development framework that lets you code and deploy IoT applications quickly. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Emergence of IoT draws CIOs into food safety initiatives

Bob Whitaker, chief science and technology officer at the Produce Marketing Association, predicts that the confluence of IoT and food safety will lead more CIOs and CTOs into getting involved with food safety initiatives. Continue Reading


Food safety apps for the internet of things set to emerge

Food safety and quality applications are set to proliferate in the coming months, providing real-time visibility in the vast food supply chain. Continue Reading


What IoT database best suits your enterprise's needs?

The success of the internet of things relies heavily on the data that applications create, but vetting a database for IoT apps requires criteria totally different from traditional enterprise databases. Continue Reading


Internet of things apps still sparse, but promising

The internet of things is gaining enterprise acceptance -- but cost and equipment compatibility concerns impede widespread development. Continue Reading


How to choose the right IoT platform for your enterprise IoT project

IoT platforms are sprouting up everywhere. Without a platform, the challenges of building an IoT application are enormous. Here, an expert helps sort through the varying technologies. Continue Reading


Using Google Firebase to develop real-time IoT apps

The Google Firebase platform helps developers build real-time applications for the internet of things, but is not without limitations. Continue Reading


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