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February 2016

IoT applications pose new problems for developers

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As the Internet of Things takes over the consciousness of consumers and business executives, developers must address the needs of IoT-enabled devices. Standards in the industry are lacking, so it's important to identify and cater to the many characteristics of IoT applications that separate them from traditional software.

This handbook covers how to meet the security, analytics and testing requirements for IoT applications. First, technology journalist George Lawton goes over steps that can be taken to mitigate security risks unique to the IoT. Next, software developer Swathija Raman addresses why analytics must be a part of IoT applications. To close, Cameron McKenzie, editor in chief of TheServerSide, discusses the distinctive challenges of testing IoT devices.

About The Author

George Lawton - Contributor

George Lawton is a journalist based in London with over 30 years...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • IoT gateways need clear security framework
  • Analytics proves key to IoT
  • Testing IoT applications requires focus, care

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