How to implement your IT/OT convergence strategy for IoT

Strengthen IoT projects by converging IT and OT priorities

IoT initiatives have created a battleground where IT and operational technology professionals could easily become pitted against each other because their approaches to IoT prioritize different aspects of an IoT deployment. IT pros often emphasize data security, while OT pros ensure the production side of the enterprise functions smoothly. Both sides might disregard the importance of the other, so it is up to the organization to convince IT and OT teams to work together to succeed.

IoT deployments will not achieve their highest potential unless organizations implement an IT/OT convergence strategy that addresses why both teams are at odds and then outlines a plan to merge the two. IT pros should understand the lifecycle and processes of IoT technology, including when instituting downtime for security updates is not feasible. OT pros must account for the security risk that connecting industrial systems to the internet introduces.

An IT/OT convergence strategy must understand the differences that generate these initial conflicts. Organizations should use an IoT security model to determine how secure their environment needs to be, partition and prioritize IT and OT traffic, and ensure pros on both sides are on the same page. This handbook details how cooperation and communication will lead to a successful IT/OT convergence initiative in your organization.