IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) or healthcare IoT

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The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is the collection of medical devices and applications that connect to healthcare IT systems through online computer networks. Medical devices equipped with Wi-Fi allow the machine-to-machine communication that is the basis of IoMT. IoMT devices link to cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, on which captured data can be stored and analyzed. IoMT is also known as healthcare IoT. 

Examples of IoMT include remote patient monitoring of people with chronic or long-term conditions; tracking patient medication orders and the location of patients admitted to hospitals; and patients' wearable mHealth devices, which can send information to caregivers. Infusion pumps that connect to analytics dashboards and hospital beds rigged with sensors that measure patients' vital signs are medical devices that can be converted to or deployed as IoMT technology.

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As is the case with the larger Internet of Things (IoT), there are now more possible applications of IoMT than before because many consumer mobile devices are built with Near Field Communication (NFC) radio frequency identification (RFID) tags that allow the devices to share information with IT systems. RFID tags can also be placed on medical equipment and supplies so that hospital staff can remain aware of the quantities they have in stock.

Internet of Thing security

The practice of using IoMT devices to remotely monitor patients in their homes is also known as telemedicine. This kind of treatment spares patients from traveling to a hospital or physician's office whenever they have a medical question or change in their condition.

The security of sensitive data -- such as protected health information regulated under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act -- that passes through the IoMT is a developing concern for healthcare providers.

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