Amazon Prime Air drone

Contributor(s): Ivy Wigmore

Amazon's Prime Air drone is a delivery system in development that will use remote-controlled robotic vehicles to transport goods from the company's order fulfillment centers to the consumer. 

Amazon's drones are small, unmanned octocopters -- helicopters with eight rotors -- that use GPS navigation. The drones have electric motors, which makes them more environmentally-friendly than delivery trucks. 

The company says that the aircraft will deliver customer orders of five pounds or less, which includes 86 percent of all Amazon orders. Customers within a 10-mile radius of a fulfillment center should be able to expect delivery inside of 30 minutes. 

See an octocopter prototype test flight:

This was last updated in December 2013

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I am just waiting to see the liability when thing go bad. Drone crashes, take down power lines or any number of issue. The other is what do they plan to do to prevent theft of these drones? I can see it now, someone drops a net over one and steals it or shoots one out of the sky for invasion of their privacy. As for the GPS aspect?  I have used a few and they are not always that precise.