IoT Agenda

IoT Industry and Vertical Markets

  • Build a smarter supply chain with IoT

    Guest Contributor Javier Jiménez - Magic Software Enterprises Americas 20 Jun 2018
  • Manufacturers today are using IoT to track products through their lifecycle and achieve higher levels of efficiency. Magic Software's Javier Jiménez outlines the top five benefits of a smart supply ...

  • How IoT will impact car dealerships

    Guest Contributor María Paz Gillet Martín - Jooycar 13 Jun 2018
  • The internet of things can change the relationship customers have with dealerships and upgrade the entire car purchasing process for buyers. Jooycar's María Paz Gillet Martín discusses.

  • IoT can solve physical retail's biggest weaknesses

    Guest Contributor Hatem Zeine - Ossia 13 Jun 2018
  • Physical retail stores are struggling to give consumers the online shopping experience they know and love. Ossia's Hatem Zeine outlines how IoT can help bridge the gap.