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  • What to expect from smart cities in 2019

    Guest Contributor Matt Caywood - TransitScreen 02 Jan 2019
  • TransitScreen's Matt Caywood discusses three big themes he expects to come to the forefront in smart cities in 2019, including the expansion of micromobility platforms and the ubiquity of smart ...

  • Why the smart home needs to get even smarter

    Guest Contributor Svein-Egil Nielsen - Nordic Semiconductor 02 Jan 2019
  • The promise of a booming smart home industry abounds, but as Nordic Semiconductor's Svein-Egil Nielsen explains, without a multiprotocol industry standard, the smart home will never reach its true ...

  • IoT and the legacy system apocalypse

    Guest Contributor Madhup Mishra - VoltDB 21 Dec 2018
  • Legacy systems have no place in the growing IoT ecosystem, advises VoltDB's Madhup Mishra. Rather, complementing them with real-time alternatives can help you get the most out of your IoT data.

  • Create a phenomenal customer experience for IoT products

    Guest Contributor Vikrant Labde - Cuelogic Technologies PVT LTD 20 Dec 2018
  • Creating the perfect customer experience for IoT products has been both a challenge and a subset that has become more intriguing with time. Cuelogic's Vikrant Labde offers tips to improving IoT UX.

  • Aligning IoT monetization models with customer value

    Guest Contributor Frank Greer - Zipit Wireless 18 Dec 2018
  • IoT device manufacturers take note: The most compelling IoT systems are those that align business models with the value being brought to customers. Zipit Wireless' Frank Greer discusses.