IoT Agenda

IoT APIs, Applications and Software

  • How to ensure RPA delivers

    Guest Contributor Pat Geary - Blue Prism 16 Jan 2020
  • Businesses that choose the wrong brand of RPA can limit the scale and potential of automation. To realize RPA's benefits, such as greater accuracy and productivity, they must consider are few key ...

  • Are there only three IoT use cases?

    Guest Contributor Ken Figueredo - More With Mobile 27 Dec 2019
  • Following the fifth edition of IoT Solutions World Congress, vendors discussed the future of the IoT market and several use cases for IoT platforms and applications.

  • Tackling the challenge of IoT software updates

    Guest Contributor Tom Canning - Canonical 17 Dec 2019
  • As IoT devices continue to grow in numbers, improving IoT software updates is a topic that the IoT industry will increasingly be talking about as its looks to improve functionality and security.

  • IoT lays the pathway to smart cities of the future

    Guest Contributor Joe Muratore - BSI 09 Dec 2019
  • Smart cities have the potential to efficiently maintain themselves with minimal human input and reduce risk with the help of IoT, but leaders must be cognizant of the challenges and their solutions.

  • Get the best from connected RPA in 7 steps

    Guest Contributor Pat Geary - Blue Prism 05 Dec 2019
  • Prior to adopting a connected RPA platform, businesses should implement a series of principles to identify, build, develop and automate processes to ensure successful outcomes are achieved.

  • The ten things that should happen in 2020, continued

    Guest Contributor Mark Troester - Progress 02 Dec 2019
  • Innovations in DesignOps, AppDev, digital innovation, AI, machine learning, IoT, bots and mobility will continue into 2020 as organizations seek to improve the user experience.

  • SMBs and the great cloud video opportunity

    Guest Contributor Andreas Pettersson - Arcules 27 Nov 2019
  • As the role of video data continues to grow in importance, SMBs will need to look to cloud solutions to keep pace with the ever-evolving surveillance landscape and maintain a competitive advantage.