IoT Agenda

July 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) Verticals

  • Stimulating growth in China's domestic IoT market

    Guest Contributor Yongjing Zhang - Huawei Technologies 22 Jul 2019
  • Smart cities and connected vehicles are just two areas of rapid IoT growth in China. Yongjing Zhang discusses the state of the IoT market in China.

  • IoT investment has to begin now

    Guest Contributor Nima Negahban - Kinetica 16 Jul 2019
  • The IoT market will continue to see rapid growth for the next few years, so Kinetica's Nima Negahban advises that organizations take advantage of potential returns and invest in IoT now.

  • The future of mixed reality across industries

    Guest Contributor Nick Cherukuri - ThirdEye Gen 12 Jul 2019
  • Augmented reality and mixed reality technology can transform troubleshooting and learning in all industries. ThirdEye Gen's Nick Cherukuri explains its potential uses.

  • Smart healthcare in the IoT era

    Guest Contributor Marc Pégulu - Semtech 10 Jul 2019
  • IoT devices have the potential to make healthcare safer with low range and low power technology. Semtech's Marc Pégulu explains two situations where LoRa devices could improve the industry.

  • IoT brings hotel guests closer to home away from home

    Guest Contributor Brian Apley - Akamai Technologies 03 Jul 2019
  • Hotel operators can build a more personalized experience for guests through IoT connectivity -- and guests expect it. Akamai Technologies' Brian Apley discusses the benefits of connected rooms.