IoT Agenda

January 2020

Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

  • A look back on eight IoT predictions

    Guest Contributor Richard Beeson - OSIsoft 20 Jan 2020
  • IoT predictions are always subject to change. Discover 8 IoT predictions made in the last few years, and how they have evolved.

  • 2020: The year IoT really gets to work

    Guest Contributor Steve Wilson - Citrix Systems 17 Jan 2020
  • IoT technology will change the way people work through virtual assistants and artificial intelligence handling mundane tasks to improve productivity and open up time for more interesting work.

  • How to ensure RPA delivers

    Guest Contributor Pat Geary - Blue Prism 16 Jan 2020
  • Businesses that choose the wrong brand of RPA can limit the scale and potential of automation. To realize RPA's benefits, such as greater accuracy and productivity, they must consider are few key ...

  •  The rise of thing commerce and what it means for software development

    Guest Contributor Antony Edwards - Eggplant 15 Jan 2020
  • Thing commerce is no longer a niche concept. Companies and consumers are increasingly interacting with virtual assistants and software developers must learn how to properly deliver a consistent ...

  • Positioning IoT to profit through product packaging

    Guest Contributor Cris Wendt - Flexera Software 09 Jan 2020
  • With IoT product packaging, businesses can meet market needs and revenue goals with different approaches to portioning products’ functionality.

  • What 2019's 'summer of outages' means for IoT

    Guest Contributor Mehdi Daoudi - Catchpoint 08 Jan 2020
  • 2019 was a tough year for cloud service providers as outages affected big companies such as Google and Apple, and businesses must implement several preventative steps to ensure their IoT devices ...

  • It’s tough living on the edge

    Guest Contributor Gordon Haff - Red Hat 06 Jan 2020
  • Edge computing has advantages in latency, but dealing with failure resiliency and automation, where both distribution and scale are so great, can be especially challenging.