IoT Agenda

August 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) Security Strategy

  • Three rules for IoT and edge scaling

    Guest Contributor Jason Shepherd - ZEDEDA 26 Aug 2019
  • IT pros must understand the best practices to successfully scale IoT and edge deployments. Dell Technologie's Jason Shepherd explores how to create a trusted edge backed by the right combination of ...

  • Mapping the device flow genome

    Guest Contributor Greg Murphy - Ordr 21 Aug 2019
  • Mapping complex systems is a daunting task. But Ordr President and CEO, Greg Murphy, dives into how organizations can map the device flow genome to assist with identifying IoT devices and gain ...

  • Disentangle IoT's legal and ethical considerations

    Guest Contributor Helena Lisachuk - Deloitte Consulting BV 13 Aug 2019
  • Even expert IT pros can find it challenging to navigate compliance and regulation issues for IoT. When you add in international policies, such as GDPR, there are even more laws and best practices ...