IoT Agenda

Internet of Things (IoT) Network

  • Remote connectivity for edge computing in IoT

    Guest Contributor Chetan S Kumar - Aikaan Labs 03 Oct 2019
  • The rise of edge computing means having reliable remote connectivity is more urgent than ever. Organizations must understand how edge computing will process the expanding data pools created by ...

  • 5G and the effects on IoT product design

    Guest Contributor Mitch Maiman - Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) 02 Oct 2019
  • Even though 5G could bring some new capabilities to IoT devices with real-time communication and increased bandwidth, it will not be necessary for all IoT applications.

  • IoT devices push to move the workplace to the cloud

    Guest Contributor Daniel Jackson - Crestron Electronics 30 Sep 2019
  • Organizations that incorporate more connected devices into their operations strategy must understand how to deploy, maintain and secure these devices to ensure the success of IoT devices.

  • Driving IoT innovation

    Guest Contributor Vicki Livingston 26 Sep 2019
  • No one can deny the IoT market has been growing rapidly, but why? Fourteen market drivers of cellular IoT -- including 3GPP standards and machine learning -- have begun revolutionizing society.

  • How to prepare for the age of edge storage

    Guest Contributor Muli Ben-Yehuda - Lightbits Labs 25 Sep 2019
  • As data floods in from IoT devices and applications move to the cloud, organizations should consider separating storage from compute with the NVMe/TCP standard.

  • Secure the mix of legacy and modern solutions in IIoT

    Guest Contributor Gavin Hill - Bitdefender 20 Sep 2019
  • Combining new and legacy technology challenges the security of IIoT, and the inherent insecurity of current IoT systems calls for network traffic analytics to protect from cyberattacks.

  • What is edge AI good for?

    Guest Contributor Tim Sherwood - Tata Communications 16 Sep 2019
  • Organization can use edge AI for many different functions, but the core factor is if it needs an IoT application to analyze data at rapid intervals for immediate decision making, then it needs edge AI.

  • Bringing a forever battery to life in IoT

    Guest Contributor Srinivas Pattamatta - Atmosic Technologies 13 Sep 2019
  • A growing number of IoT devices continue to rely on disposable batteries. With the help of Bluetooth 5.0 and a combination of circuit-level and system-level innovations, battery-free IoT devices ...

  • The challenge of securing building management systems

    Guest Contributor Elad Ben-Meir - SCADAfence 10 Sep 2019
  • As BMS systems are being implemented into smart buildings, security can become compromised. SCADAfence's Elad Ben-Meir explores BMS systems and how to best secure them against possible cyberattacks.

  • 4 tips to safely onboard IoT devices onto your Wi-Fi network

    Guest Contributor Ofer Amitai - Portnox 10 Sep 2019
  • As IoT usage increases, having a secure Wi-Fi network to onboard and connect your IoT devices is crucial. CEO and CO-Found of Portnoz, Ofer Amitai, shares four tips to help secure IoT devices onto ...