IoT Agenda

Internet of Things (IoT) Network Infrastructure

  • What is edge AI good for?

    Guest Contributor Tim Sherwood - Tata Communications 16 Sep 2019
  • Organization can use edge AI for many different functions, but the core factor is if it needs an IoT application to analyze data at rapid intervals for immediate decision making, then it needs edge AI.

  • The challenge of securing building management systems

    Guest Contributor Elad Ben-Meir - SCADAfence 10 Sep 2019
  • As BMS systems are being implemented into smart buildings, security can become compromised. SCADAfence's Elad Ben-Meir explores BMS systems and how to best secure them against possible cyberattacks.

  • When cars own the road: The future of IoT and connected vehicles

    Guest Contributor Brian Apley - Akamai Technologies 06 Sep 2019
  • As it stands now, automakers have an opportunity to save money and build new revenue streams by pulling vast troves of data from connected vehicles through Message Queuing Telemetry Transport and ...

  • IoT, 5G and the need for smart streaming

    Guest Contributor Dheeraj Remella - VoltDB 06 Sep 2019
  • Data architecture must keep up with the changes that new technologies -- including 5G and IoT -- bring to the edge. Dheeraj Remella explains how smart streaming is essential for data processing.

  • The engine driving IoT success in construction

    Guest Contributor Ian Ouellette - Triax Technologies, Inc. 30 Aug 2019
  • Construction sites require the right IoT network for the environment, but many network tools lack the capabilities to handle unique construction requirements. Triax Technologies' Ian Ouellette ...