IoT Agenda

March 2018

Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Anatomy of next-gen IoT PCBs

    Guest Contributor Zulki Khan - NexLogic Tech., Inc. 27 Mar 2018
  • IoT printed circuit boards are evolving to meet the size, performance, reliability and cost demands of IoT deployments. NexLogic's Zulki Khan explains the different IoT PCB options available.

  • Intelligence at the well: Keeping staff safe and profits up

    Guest Contributor Scott Allen - FreeWave Technologies 26 Mar 2018
  • The right technology can help keep small- and medium-sized oil and gas producers in the game. However, as FreeWave's Scott Allen explains, connecting intelligent systems with the right technology ...

  • Smart homes, IoT and the customer experience

    Guest Contributor Amena Ali - Earth Networks 26 Mar 2018
  • IoT-enabled home devices and sensors generate valuable insights for consumers, says Earth Networks' Amena Ali. Here are three key outcomes of IoT improving customer experience.

  • Could smart roads mean no potholes?

    Guest Contributor Guy Courtin - Infor 23 Mar 2018
  • As we have seen with a number of use cases, IoT and digitization makes way to endless opportunities -- so why not apply our learnings to infrastructure? Infor's Guy Courtin discusses.

  • The citizen data scientist comes of age

    Guest Contributor Mark Palmer - TIBCO 22 Mar 2018
  • Organizations today need data scientists to analyze the business intelligence provided by IoT data. However, as TIBCO's Mark Palmer explains, more people need to become stats-savvy to benefit.

  • Artificial intelligence at work in the workplace

    Guest Contributor Scott Hoffpauir - BroadSoft 21 Mar 2018
  • AI is making inroads in the workplace. Broadsoft's Scott Hoffpauir offers a clear-eyed look at what AI is and how it can be put to work today.

  • Why interoperability is key to building confidence in IoT

    Guest Contributor Dr. Omar Elloumi - oneM2M 21 Mar 2018
  • Creating value from IoT while ensuring a safe and satisfactory user experience is not an easy task. oneM2M's Dr. Omar Elloumi explains why interoperability between verticals and vendors is critical.