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Are you ready for the internet of things revolution?

The internet of things promises to bring the easy life to everyone in the next five years. Tired of doing laundry? Let your robot do it! Want to scare that pesky squirrel eating your bird food? Create a motion detecting squirrel detractor! Hate grocery shopping? Let your refrigerator order for you! Want a lower insurance rate? Wear this bracelet for six weeks so we can track your health!

The IoT revolution is beginning, and it will change the way we think and work. In fact, many of the mindless activities we perform on a daily or weekly basis can go away entirely, leaving us more time to read, play with the kids or go on that nice long bike ride. It will also advance every company in the world. For example:

  • The mining industry now relies heavily on an IoT strategy to perform functions that previously required people in dangerous situations.
  • Smart cities are rising up, helping you find that perfect parking spot right in front of your favorite restaurant. It’s also making other incredible improvements, such as sensing bike patterns to gauge where to put bike paths and detecting gunshots’ exact location. Helpful!
  • Farms are beginning to track meteorological patterns to protect crops from storms and to water them on time. Eventually, every ear of corn will have a sensor that sends out data for analysis and can lead to better crop yields. And every potato. And carrot. Hopefully not broccoli.
  • Driverless cars rely on IoT to help navigate the world around them. Driver-required cars rely on IoT to prevent accidents and park your car nicely in that smart city parking spot.
  • Insurance companies are running toward IoT to help them understand everything from your health, to your propensity for illness based on your DNA profile, to lowering your insurance because you drive slowly. (That’s me!)
  • Augmented reality by your architect will allow you to visualize your new home before construction, making sure it flows smoothly for you and your family before the heavy equipment arrives.

None of this will happen without people. People who can create the future. Technical people. Gartner believes that 50% of all business process and systems will incorporate some form of IoT by 2020. That is massive change in the next four years. And it means major opportunity for people willing to reskill themselves.

But it also means change for companies. Your company must begin a digital transformation or you will go out of business. And, you must begin to figure out where you will fit into this new era.

It will be very similar to when the internet began to take shape in the early 2000s. Many companies weren’t quite prepared. Some fought the revolution. Some ignored it. Those companies are no longer. One entire industry that collapsed almost entirely was the newspaper publishing industry. A lot of them didn’t make it.

They didn’t make it because they failed to see the approaching internet revolution.

We are on the cusp of a new revolution.

Are you ready?

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