IoT Agenda

August 2019

  • How to develop edge computing solutions

    Guest Contributor Jason Shepherd - Dell Technologies 12 Aug 2019
  • Both hardware and software get more complex the closer you get to the IoT device edge, so IT pros must get it right when developing edge computing infrastructure.

  • As IoT focuses on ease of access, vulnerability management suffers

    Guest Contributor Wayne Dorris - Axis Communications 12 Aug 2019
  • Although today's devices are better protected than ever, vulnerabilities will always exist. Users who quickly recognize these weaknesses and address them can ensure that their IoT devices stay secure.

  • Automating IoT security requires 20/20 vision

    Guest Contributor Reggie Best - Lumeta Solutions at FireMon 09 Aug 2019
  • Even though IoT security does not have the same standards as other IT technology, organizations need to prioritize bringing all IoT endpoints under a corporate security policy, Lumeta's Reggie Best ...

  • IoT simplifies manufacturing processes

    Guest Contributor Sanjeev Verma - Biz4Intellia 09 Aug 2019
  • The manufacturing industry has much to gain from incorporating IoT into their business plan. Biz4Intellia's Sanjeev Verma explains how IoT improvements convert smart factories.

  • What are the biggest problems IoT data scientists face?

    Guest Contributor Alex Fly - Quickpath 08 Aug 2019
  • With technology evolving rapidly and IoT growing exponentially, IoT data scientists continue to face challenges. Quickpath's Alex Fly discusses ways for data scientists to face these issues and ...

  • Where is the edge in edge computing?

    Guest Contributor Gordon Haff - Red Hat 07 Aug 2019
  • Organizations across industries have invested in edge computing, but what the edge looks like depends on the context. Red Hat's Gordon Haff explains what IT pros mean when they talk about the edge.

  • How to get a deeper edge on edge computing

    Guest Contributor Jason Shepherd - Dell Technologies 06 Aug 2019
  • Start with the basics of edge computing, including its advantages and disadvantages. Dell Technologies' Jason Shepherd starts his four-part blog series with foundational knowledge before diving ...