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What are the best IoT certifications for security?

It's tough to tell what the best IoT certifications are since the field is new and expanding. Expert Mike O. Villegas shares the best IoT security certificates available today.

I am a big data architect and I intend to get into the Internet of Things. I'm looking for some advice about the...

security credentials and which IoT certifications are most relevant for someone like me: CISSP, CEH or Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist -- or perhaps another cert?

The 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report stated, "experts predict that there will be over 5 billion IoT devices by the end of this decade." With this kind of growth, there is clearly a need for security professionals to specialize in Internet of Things (IoT) security, privacy and controls. Currently, there are several IoT certifications available, including:

  • Cisco Industrial Networking Specialist from Cisco;
  • IoT certificate from Axelta;
  • Certified Internet of Things Specialist from the Global Science and Technology Forum;
  • Azure Certified for IoT device partner ;
  • Professional Learning Certificate in Designing for Internet of Things from the iSchool Institute, University of Toronto; and
  • Internet of Things certificate from the University of Washington.

 Other existing certifications that cover IoT are EC-Council's Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certification and (ISC)2's Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional.

Which security credentials are more relevant for IoT? The curriculum of most of the IoT certifications listed above predominantly teaches how IoT works and communicates with everything. If your goal is to better understand the security implications of IoT, try Cisco, EC-Council and (ISC)2. And without a doubt, there are other specialized IoT certifications on the horizon.

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