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IoT Agenda is the first independent site of its kind, focused on analysis and discussions of enterprise IoT deployments. TechTarget's core audience of enterprise IT leaders are on the verge of deploying an enormous wave of IoT projects -- more than half the readers we surveyed said they have already altered their network architectures for IoT or will do so in the coming year (we asked 1,450 of them globally).

The IoT Agenda network community is an opportunity to shape what corporate IoT looks like, as well as how businesses approach IoT product development.

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We are looking for influential voices in IoT to join our cross-disciplinary hub and actively write unique content. We're looking for lively discussions about all things IoT.

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Ready to join the network? Email us! Please include your name, title, company and IoT experience.

Please note: IoT Agenda's network is not a marketing platform; it is a place for IoT-related articles and discussions and is not to be used as a platform to pitch your company and/or products. Otherwise, pretty much any *enterprise* IoT subject is up for grabs, so let us know if you'd like to be in the mix.


How do I join the IoT Agenda network?
If you are interested in the Internet of Things and would like to become part of a lively group of contributors, we'd be thrilled to have you join the IoT Agenda network. We welcome anyone with IoT experience except marketing professionals (though, with the right experience, we'll make occasional exceptions). It's not that we don't like or appreciate marketing, it's just that this isn't the venue. To get the ball rolling, think about what your first article will be about and contact us. Once you're in, we'll publish a contributor page (more on that below!) with your first post.

What topics can I write about?
IoT Agenda is a place for everything IoT -- platforms, security, networking … you name it. When brainstorming topics, ask yourself: What am I interested in? What would I want to read? If you find it interesting and important, chances are others will too.

Note that this is an open area for discussions about the Internet of Things, not a marketing platform. Please do not use it to pitch your product or your company. You can, of course, mention your company and relevant products on your contributor page (more on that below!)

Please refrain from publishing press releases -- either in full or regurgitated form -- whether they are product focused or not.

Need help picking a topic? We can help you brainstorm ideas and write titles to increase traffic to your articles.

How much traffic will my articles receive?
The TechTarget network of approximately 150 technology sites has an audience of over 15 million members. We'll be actively promoting the site across the network and we expect a fast ramp-up.  Our definition of the "Internet of Things" is already within the top five Google search results for the term.

How long should my articles be?
While there is no limit to the length of content, we encourage a minimum of 300 words. However, we have found 500 - 800 words to be the sweet spot for both readability and searchability.

How often do I need to post?
In an ideal world, we'd love to see at least a post a month from contributors. We know, however, that there are prior commitments and that you have a life, so are very accommodating schedule-wise. Want to discuss further? Email us for more info.

Do I have to be a good writer?
You don't need to be an experienced writer, no. Just find a good topic to write about and let the words flow. Chances are you'll end up writing something others want to read.

Note that opinions are not always facts. Please try to be clear in this sense. Also, it's okay to be familiar -- if you want to use the first person and refer to the reader as "you," go for it.

Will you be editing or fact-checking my article?
While we will never change what you have to say, we reserve the right to edit articles for spelling and readability. Please edit, proofread and run spellcheck and grammar check before submitting your article.

That said, fact-checking is up to you; please be honest and write to the best of your ability. Citing sources is also a good practice.

The following statement will appear at the end of all posts:

"All IoT Agenda network contributors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their posts. Opinions are of the writers and do not necessarily convey the thoughts of IoT Agenda."

What do I get when I write for IoT Agenda?
While we do not offer monetary compensation, you will be rewarded with a voice in an active and engaging community on the vast TechTarget network.

Each contributor is also given a dedicated contributor page (see next question).

What is a contributor profile?
We will create a dedicated contributor page (see this example) for each IoT Agenda writer. This page aggregates all of your articles in one central location. It's also the place for you to showcase your name, company and bio, as well as social media links.

Can I link to my company or organization's website?
All links to company-related information and products can be done in your contributor profile. Please refrain from linking to direct competitors of IoT Agenda.

Can I include links in my article?
As a contributor, you can suggest links by putting them in your post. However, we at TechTarget have arguably the most fine-tuned engine for content optimization and full-time staff that knows the effect of links on articles. It is up to us, then, to determine the effectiveness of proposed links and react accordingly.

As a guideline, links to technically oriented data sheets and whitepapers are ok; links to marketing pages are not. Please keep this in mind. Please also refrain from linking to direct competitors of IoT Agenda.

We also reserve the right to add links to your article from within the TechTarget network and non-vendor sites. This will help readers reach relevant content and also optimize the searchability of your article.

What visibility will I receive?
Articles will run through the "most recent starts at the top and works down" rotation.

Editorially, IoT Agenda will also spotlight pieces of particular interest at our discretion. To get extra promotion*, write exceptionally about exceptional topics and do it in an authentic voice. Otherwise, you cannot directly influence whether your piece winds up in an extra-promoted spot.

*Extra promotion includes being featured in our weekly newsletter, promotion across social media and more.

Who retains copyright of my articles?
As the author, you have copyright of your article. However, TechTarget retains the rights to publication in all existing and future. Contributors must agree not to republish them, except as part of a longer book written primarily by the contributor, within a period of six months after the piece goes live on IoT Agenda.

Duplication of articles actually works against you in a Web search, and we want your article to receive the traffic it deserves.

Will I get credit if my article is posted elsewhere?
While TechTarget reserves the right to republish the content, anything republished will retain its original author attribution.

Can I submit material I've already written?
Unfortunately, no. We strive for original content here on IoT Agenda, offering our readers the latest and most up-to-date info. Plus, search engines aren't fond of duplicated data. If the same article is posted in two places, search engines will penalize both IoT Agenda and the other site where the article is posted. Therefore, your work will not rank as high in search results, limiting the number of people that will see it.

Can I reuse the articles I wrote for IoT Agenda?
You agree not to republish them, except as part of a longer book written primarily by you, within a period of six months after the piece goes live on IoT Agenda.

Can I link to the IoT Agenda network?
Of course! Links on social media and blogs are a great way to stir up readership and increase visibility. We're fond of retweeting too! So get that info out there and be sure to tag @IoTAgenda!

Can I respond to comments?
You bet, interaction is always welcome; comments and discussion are the markings of great content. When commenting, please remember to be respectful of your fellow contributors and readers.

Can I include photos or videos?
Photos and videos are welcome, but please be sure you have the right to use the material and that you credit your sources.

Anything else I should know before starting?
Please avoid profanity and steer clear of unfriendly or bigoted nastiness.

Understandably, opinions will vary. Please respect your fellow contributor. Civility is key. Disagree with what someone has to say? It'll happen, just let us know. Or, better yet, write an article with improved information -- as long as, of course, you remain within the bounds of IoT Agenda's house rules.

We are all here to discuss IoT -- the opportunities, the challenges and the implementation. Teach something, learn something and enjoy!