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Are you setting out on an internet of things venture? IoT Agenda is here to help you get started.

We are living through a sea of change in networking, connectivity and computing.

IoT Agenda is about the corporate IT dimension of this immense shift.

Welcome to the largest independent website for the enterprise internet of things. You'll find more articles and resources here than anywhere else on the web because we draw on the expertise of TechTarget's 150+ network of IT technology sites, as well as a group of guest contributors sharing their real-world experiences and expertise.

But you probably don't need convincing about the importance of the subject or our ability to cover it in depth. Rather, you need help understanding how businesses and industries are changing as a result of physical objects being overlaid en masse with a virtual dimension and prolific interconnection -- it's a vast wave of disruption called IoT. We have a suspicion there's a better term just waiting to be invented. IoT, after all, isn't so much about the things as it is about the overlay and communication among the things, as well as intelligent, real-time analysis of the data that the world's products generate.

The internet of things involves an enormous number of individuals from a large variety of different disciplines. What is critical now, in the first formative years, is focused communication around all the different points of view represented by the various practitioners. The industry needs experts engaged in creating the IoT Agenda and then building the things that make this new internet.

We're on a journey of mutual discovery.

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Robert Richardson is the editorial director of IoT Agenda and TechTarget's Security Media Group.

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