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The rise of big data in fleet management

Fleet vehicles and managers, get ready for an upgrade. Jooycar's María Paz Gillet Martín explains three ways big data and IoT are affecting fleet management.


Trusted execution environments: What, how and why?

Manufacturers, service providers and consumers need to protect their connected devices, IP and sensitive data. Trustonic's Richard Hayton explains how trusted execution environments can help.


Data ownership model needs revisiting in an IoT world

IoT is all about the data, but who owns that data? A panel at MIT Connected Things took a look at this question and found it was a tricky one to answer.


How a blend of customer experience and data helps brands build trust in IIoT

A successful industrial IoT deployment requires the right mix of customer experience and data utilization. Voxpro's Brian Hannon offers advice to help customer experience teams prepare support for ...

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  • Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management

    Teradata takes timely approach to IoT data analytics

    Data warehouse pioneer Teradata looks to ease IoT data analysis with capabilities that address skills gaps on time series analytics techniques, which are coming more to the fore.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

    IoTBuild's quest for IoT interoperability

    Experts at the IoTBuild conference explored how enterprises can create value through IoT interoperability and interchangeability.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security Strategy

    IIoT security in 13 pages -- or fewer

    In a new document, the Industrial Internet Consortium abridges IEC and NIST publications, offering clear, concise guidance to ensure IIoT security in connected plants.