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Why both cloud and edge computing are essential to IoT

Cloud computing or edge computing? In today's connected organizations, it's not an either/or question. Bsquare's Dave McCarthy discusses why combining cloud and edge in a distributed computing ...


How accurate is accurate enough when it comes to location data?

IoT is changing the definition – and accuracy required – of location data. Measuring this data at meter, sub-meter and even centimeter-level is becoming a reality. Quuppa's Fabio Belloni discusses ...


Adopting IoT in utilities drives efficiencies

Saving energy and optimizing distribution are benefits of IoT for utilities. But, without consumer buy-in, IEEE senior member Shawn Chandler said, utilities' efforts are for naught.

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Industrial IoT design insights: Five factors to consider

When deploying an industrial IoT system, security is critical and downtime is unacceptable. IPS' Mitch Maiman outlines five critical things to consider in the life-or-death IIoT space.

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  • Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

    IoT partners take center stage at LiveWorx 2018

    During his keynote presentation at LiveWorx 2018, PTC president and CEO, Jim Heppelmann, advocated the importance of IoT partnerships to the company's endeavors.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management

    Companies still looking for ROI when implementing IoT

    Data from connected devices can lead to a less service equals more approach to field service management, but some industries are still wary about achieving a return on investment.

  • IoT APIs, Applications and Software

    Can a PI Server bridge the IT/OT gap?

    Building IoT connectivity with a PI Server across multiple plants to improve analytics and efficiency is a great goal, but achieving it isn't without its challenges, as evidenced at OSIsoft PI World 2018.