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California's new IoT security law: Inching toward a safer future

As the government begins to take action for IoT security, California's SB 327 sets the stage to ensure reasonable security measures are taken by IoT device manufacturers. Sectigo's Damon Kachur ...


A smart approach to designing IoT products: The iKeyp Smart Safe

Creating the iKeyp Smart Safe presented a number of design challenges. IPS' Danny Aponte explains how they overcame those challenges, bringing the smart safe to market quickly and cost-effectively.


IoT reaches the edge, but where is it headed?

As IoT devices proliferate, cloud just isn't fast enough. But that's exactly where edge computing comes in, enabling analysis at speeds the future demands.

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End user-enabled predictive analytics: Here's where to start

Once you have an outcome-based focus in mind, there are a number of steps to take to build end user-enabled predictive analytics. GE Power Digital's Matt Schnugg discusses.

IoT Basics

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    IoT, the reality behind the hype

    GMV's Ángel C. Lázaro Ríos takes a look at the reality of IoT today, exploring the challenges it is facing, such as connectivity and a lack of standardization, and discussing new trends and digital ...

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    5 questions to ask before piloting AI for advanced analytics in manufacturing

    To pilot a successful enterprise AI project, it is critical to consider what you are trying to solve, what improvements will be reached and more, suggests ClearSky Data's Laz Vekiarides.

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    IoT's role in the automotive tech revolution

    IoT technology gives ambitious vehicle manufacturers, insurance companies and fleets a competitive edge. Vodafone's Ludovico Fassati explains IoT's role in the future of automotive tech.

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  • Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

    IoT partners take center stage at LiveWorx 2018

    During his keynote presentation at LiveWorx 2018, PTC president and CEO, Jim Heppelmann, advocated the importance of IoT partnerships to the company's endeavors.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management

    Companies still looking for ROI when implementing IoT

    Data from connected devices can lead to a less service equals more approach to field service management, but some industries are still wary about achieving a return on investment.

  • IoT APIs, Applications and Software

    Can a PI Server bridge the IT/OT gap?

    Building IoT connectivity with a PI Server across multiple plants to improve analytics and efficiency is a great goal, but achieving it isn't without its challenges, as evidenced at OSIsoft PI World 2018.