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How can IoT help in the COVID-19 crisis

IoT devices could change the way that healthcare organizations prepare for and handle infectious diseases through remote health monitoring, data analytics and location tracking.


Why IoT needs an intelligent ecosystem

An intelligent ecosystem will accelerate time to market for the next wave of edge and 5G-aware applications, resulting in greater efficiency and a stronger commercial model for IoT products.


What do biometrics mean for IoT user interfaces?

Biometric interfaces unlock new capabilities and risks with IoT sensors, including security based on human features or virtual assistants tailored to recognize voices.

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The incoming problem with the hyper-connected home

The average home now has well into the double digits of applications and devices. This creates an influx of not only connected devices, but their related mobile software applications.

IoT Basics

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    Start your IoT strategy on the right foot

    Developmental teams can minimize the risk of an IoT project failing by outlining each step of the plan, identifying problems early and maintaining realistic expectations.

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    10 steps to IoT deployment success

    Business outcomes should take center stage when planning to deploy IoT. Address these 10 areas to smooth your project plan and guarantee quality and revenue.

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    Confirm IoT products will sell before building

    When organizations work through the development of an IoT product, it's important to externally confirm its value during each stage of the process.

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