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Digital transformation: So, you've transformed. Now what?

A reported less than 30% of digital transformation initiatives have been successful. How can companies achieve value and ROI from their digitization strategies? Johnson Controls' Sudhi Sinha discusses.

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Why outsource R&D in IoT application development

Outsourcing R&D for IoT application development is a growing trend. BairesDev's Nacho de Marco discusses why R&D in IoT app development outsourcing is important and offers steps to success.

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VIoT, SDR and technologies vital to connected cars

Connected car technology relies on situational awareness, which relies on proper wireless configuration. Vehicular IoT, SDR and cognitive radio are key pieces of the equation.


Can we ensure consumer IoT privacy while enabling the data marketplace?

IoT data marketplaces could unlock trillions of dollars in value for companies, but doing so while keeping data privacy in mind is critical. ForgeRock's Ashley Stevenson discusses how to build IoT ...

IoT Basics

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    A top-down look at smart building IoT

    While buildings are physically erected from the ground up, an IoT smart building is most effective when constructed from the top-down.

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    Mind the IoT gap: Interoperability is key

    A digital transformation requires data. However, that data is also often the roadblock to success. OSIsoft's Richard Beeson outlines why inding the IoT gap starts with breaking down silos and ...

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    IoT in sports: Can we use tech to create superfans?

    To overcome declining ticket sales and rival the in-home viewing experience, smart stadiums are adopting IoT technology to revolutionize the fan experience – and also fine-tine player performance. ...

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Blog: IoT Agenda

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  • Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

    IoT partners take center stage at LiveWorx 2018

    During his keynote presentation at LiveWorx 2018, PTC president and CEO, Jim Heppelmann, advocated the importance of IoT partnerships to the company's endeavors.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Data Management

    Companies still looking for ROI when implementing IoT

    Data from connected devices can lead to a less service equals more approach to field service management, but some industries are still wary about achieving a return on investment.

  • IoT APIs, Applications and Software

    Can a PI Server bridge the IT/OT gap?

    Building IoT connectivity with a PI Server across multiple plants to improve analytics and efficiency is a great goal, but achieving it isn't without its challenges, as evidenced at OSIsoft PI World 2018.