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Providers expand global IoT connectivity from 4G networks

4G LTE currently holds the key position for international IoT connectivity, linking up automobiles, elevators and more, but the implementation of 5G and satellites is imminent.


Securing the future of IoT

If organizations don't get IoT security right, the potential for hackers to control sensitive personal, commercial or national information could have devastating consequences.


Testing IoT for interoperability, security and reliability

IoT developers may miss some basic security and performance measures for IoT devices in the rush to push products out to customers, which is why testing before release is critical.


How to build IIoT architecture

The right industrial IoT architecture and a developed project vision serve as the foundation for a variety of applications and increase process efficiency.

IoT Basics

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    Achieve IoT interoperability with market knowledge, strategy

    Organizations embarking on IoT projects will find it easier to say 'IoT interoperability' than to ensure it; they must consider tools and partners to overcome compatibility issues.

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    mesh network topology (mesh network)

    A mesh network is a network in which devices -- or nodes -- are linked together, branching off other devices or nodes.

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    meet-in-the-middle attack

    Meet-in-the-middle is a known plaintext attack that can greatly reduce the number of brute-force permutations required to decrypt text that has been encrypted by more than one key.

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