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IoT ethics must factor into privacy and security discussions

With the adoption of IoT devices, consumers voluntarily trade privacy for the convenience of instant connectivity. Organizations must consider the ethics of their data collection.


Developing private 5G network strategy for Industry 4.0

If manufacturers can set up the right network option from the start, they will ensure support for future Industry 4.0 investments, such as autonomous robots.


The risks of silent patching and why it must end

Silently patching vulnerabilities within TCP/IP software is a detrimental, yet common habit among security vendors that hinders the security posture of the cybersecurity community.


Guard your network with IoT software security

IoT software security can present a challenge for IT admins and may call for specialized tools such as extended detection and response platforms.

IoT Basics

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    6 IoT architecture layers and components explained

    Having a clearly defined IoT architecture framework greatly improves the chances for success of an enterprise's connected deployment.

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    embedded operating system

    An embedded operating system is a specialized operating system (OS) designed to perform a specific task for a device that is not a computer.

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    A drone is an unmanned aircraft.

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