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4 Trusted Platform Modules types to enhance IoT security

Organizations can upgrade their devices to include TPMs that serve as passive security on the host system, simplify device maintenance and enhance overall security.


Prioritize IoT data quality to ensure business outcomes

The insights drawn from IoT data analysis can only improve with better IoT data quality, which data scientists measure with metrics such as accuracy, timeliness and completeness.


Top 8 IoT applications and examples in business

IoT use cases can vary greatly based on the industry and organization, but several business applications of the technology are gaining momentum.


Top 9 IoT business models for 2021

Organizations can incorporate IoT in their business models to generate additional revenue streams in several different ways, including the pay-per-usage and data-driven models.

IoT Basics

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    smart sensor

    A smart sensor is a device that takes input from the physical environment and uses built-in compute resources to perform predefined functions upon detection of specific input and then process data before passing it on.

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    IoT security

    IoT security is the technology segment focused on safeguarding connected devices and networks in the internet of things (IoT).

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    IoT gateway

    An Internet of Things (IoT) gateway is a physical device or software program that serves as the connection point between the cloud and controllers, sensors and intelligent devices.

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