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Will blockchain make the leap from cryptocurrency to smart machines?

Blockchain in the Internet of Things has great potential, but this can't be realized without a big shift in business and economic models.


Smart city projects benefit most from systems integration

Companies like Lyft are part of smart city projects to reduce traffic congestion and improve transportation. Find out what types of applications could have a greater impact.

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Tackling those tough Internet of Things security issues

Internet of Things security issues must be considered prior to deploying an enterprise IoT initiative. Explore the key elements of IoT security and the IoT lifecycle.


Using the AllJoyn framework to prevent IoT security issues

The updated AllJoyn framework is addressing many of the IoT security issues plaguing connected devices.


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  • Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

    An inside look at IoT World's themes

    At IoT World, it was a flurry of Internet of Things' potential and platforms paired with an overwhelming sense of confusion and questions with few answers.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud

    IoT developers face reality of firmware updates

    Historically, writing firmware was a one-and-done process. But not anymore, as IoT devices benefit from frequent feature and security updates. It's the new reality for IoT firmware.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

    At Connected Things 2016, experts tout IoT interoperability

    At the Connected Things 2016 event, experts highlighted the need for interoperability. Warning that disaster is on the horizon, they said it might be a good thing.