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The future of IoT is unwritten

The internet of things has tremendous potential, affecting everything from everyday life to manufacturing to cities. However, the future of IoT is largely unwritten.

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IoT security is not a check box

Compromised IoT devices have impacted company brand image, customer loyalty and, ultimately, business value. Learn the key points of IoT security.

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What's the outlook for Google Brillo and Weave?

Google is releasing its own IoT OS, Brillo, and IoT communication protocol, Weave. Will it find success in the competitive IoT landscape?

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Three industries that will benefit from 5G

The benefits 5G can bring IoT are aplenty, but there are three industries it stands to help most: connected cars, smart cities and fleet management.


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  • IoT APIs, Applications and Software

    PTC's IoT transition calls for channel partner help

    PTC, a company that built its reputation in CAD, is enlisting channel partners as it expands into the internet of things software infrastructure marketplace

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics

    How Visa plans to implement IoT data tools

    The internet of things is reshaping many industries. Visa is hoping to cash in on the opportunities presented by IoT data tools in the payment-processing industry.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Standards and Certifications

    Z-Wave specs set sail on the open seas

    Three specifications of the Z-Wave home automation protocol are being released to the public domain to help 'democratize the smart home space.' But is it too little too late?