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Creating value from joined-up IoT data

To get greater value from the IoT data gathered, smart cities will have to transition from a data exchange to a data marketplace, says More With Mobile's Ken Figueredo.

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CES 2018: The five words I heard most frequently

People Power's Stuart Sikes offers the five words he heard most frequently at CES 2018, from AI to robots, which created conversations among conference attendees.


Programmable materials bring 4D printing to life

4D printing may be years off, but applications of programmable materials are already stealing the spotlight.


Maintaining the focus on IoT cybersecurity in 2018

Despite the attention placed on it, IoT cybersecurity is still a weak link, says Secure Channel's Richard Blech. The industry as a whole needs to shift to improving security on the front end.

IoT Basics

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    Artificial intelligence at work in the workplace

    AI is making inroads in the workplace. Broadsoft's Scott Hoffpauir offers a clear-eyed look at what AI is and how it can be put to work today.

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    Why interoperability is key to building confidence in IoT

    Creating value from IoT while ensuring a safe and satisfactory user experience is not an easy task. oneM2M's Dr. Omar Elloumi explains why interoperability between verticals and vendors is critical.

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    How AI and IoT will interact

    To create a world of seamless exchange between people, networks, devices and applications, IoT in concert with AI is critical, says Tata Communications' Tim Sherwood.

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Blog: IoT Agenda

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  • Internet of Things (IoT) Security Strategy

    IIoT security in 13 pages -- or fewer

    In a new document, the Industrial Internet Consortium abridges IEC and NIST publications, offering clear, concise guidance to ensure IIoT security in connected plants.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Hardware

    Filament blockchain chip announced

    Blockchain is already hyped for IoT use, but Filament is the first company to enable basic blockchain operations to be computed on its Blocklet Chip, a chip directly on the device.

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

    Particle IoT makes a mesh of things

    With the Particle IoT mesh network, the company aims to help customers solve connectivity challenges and improve the collection of IoT data.