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A protocol-agnostic approach for augmenting the value of the IoT

Creating a protocol-agnostic environment for the internet of things is critical for enterprises to achieve success in today's increasingly connected world.


Poolsure makes a splash with Telogis IIoT platform

IIoT platforms are shaking up fleet management and logistics, helping companies like Poolsure keep customers happy with proactive delivery and predictive maintenance services.

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IT pros must guide the IoT transformation

The success of the IoT transformation is dependent on IT pros' ability to manage M2M traffic and assure the uptime and functionality of networks.


Podcast: The 'Internet of Everything' is already the next big thing

IoT is so yesterday. The Internet of Everything is the next big thing, already connecting municipalities and civic infrastructures. Developers need to keep up or they'll get left behind.


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    OpsDev is coming

    As the internet of things and user-experience-based applications continue to dominate customer demands, the benefits of OpsDev over DevOps are becoming clear.

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    The IoT journey -- are we there yet?

    Many are caught up in the promise of IoT rather than the reality of creating customer value. These three items are pillars for assessing IoT progress.

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    IoT for energy and water: Utilities' role in the internet of things

    Though energy and water utilities have long been leveraging connected devices, they now stand to gain more benefits from the internet of things.

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  • Framing your enterprise IoT approach

    There is no one-size-fits-all enterprise IoT approach, but there are four common requirements and challenges almost every IoT project will encounter.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Network Infrastructure

    Cisco intros IoT switches, security appliances

    Cisco has launched security appliances and three switches for factory IoT. The devices are used in gathering and analyzing machine data in manufacturing.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

    Ready or not, here comes enterprise IoT

    Enterprise IoT is set to become a reality, but amid the success stories at LiveWorx 2016, proof emerged that not everyone is there yet.